Bus station ecology

Outside a café by the central bus station. Wasps. A gentle breeze stalling their forward propulsion. They hover, drawn to the foamed milk and cocoa powder topping my cappuccino. Enlightening places: central transportation hubs. A congregation of humanity’s diversity: addicts; homeless; drunkards clasping and gulping bottles of warm beer; schoolkids travelling home from school; workers […]

Ego metamorphosis

Trapped in this skin, A developed presence trying to break free, From the lower back, up along the edges of the spine, over and around the middle of the head: a pulling, wrenching pressure. Something long dormant has awoken, Cracking the thick, drying skin, Snapping the taught sinew and corded muscle, Breaking brittle bone, relieving […]

Narrative seeds

Severed narratives. Ego, understanding, security, perspective, ripped asunder. Open, festering, emotional wounds. Who am I? With what do I build again? How do I see again? Where does the nightmare end and the future begin? I repeat: where does the nightmare end and the future begin? Optimistically uncertain. But afraid. Nervous. What parts of the […]