• Thought for food – 14

    On the one side of innocence sits joy; on the other, fear. And the story of your life is written.

  • Thought for food – 5

    Thought for food – 5

    Laurels are the sled at the mountain’s top. Rest too long your weary legs, and unawares you will find yourself at the bottom looking up.

  • Thought for food – 4

    Thought for food – 4

    Each path a life; the worn and barely used alike. The majority of your fellow travellers rarely, if ever, escape their guiding illusions, their paths crisscrossing the world, forming wide corridors and highways of frenzied activity, leading nowhere. They may have tread many more an empty mile than you, but in your stubbornness and reluctance…

  • Thought for food – 3

    Thought for food – 3

    Just for this moment be in the present; you have the rest of the day to tell yourself the story of your life.

  • Thought for food – 2

    Thought for food – 2

    A sure sign of intelligence, maturity, and self-confidence is the willingness to change one’s beliefs in the light of new evidence and considerations.

  • Aphorisms – 5

    Aphorisms – 5

    Should you ever doubt the second law of thermodynamics, release your children in any room in the house and wait longer than one minute.

  • Mission statement for 2019

    Mission statement for 2019

    Don’t mistake the crowd for the truth; failing to fit in does not mean you’re broken. Your horizons might extend further than your neighbour’s, your colleague’s, your friend’s; trust in your own eyes, let others trust in theirs. With deference to Hamlet, might I add: there is also nothing either right or wrong, but truth…

  • Aphorisms-4


    There is little to build upon moving forward when the second time around is the same as the first. 

  • Aphorisms – 3

    Aphorisms – 3

    Woe the moment a material purchase becomes the highlight of your year.

  • Aphorisms – 2

    Aphorisms – 2

    Heed not too quickly the disapproving gaze, it may be the clearest proof yet you are on the correct way.

  • Aphorisms – 1

    Aphorisms – 1

    I’d rather fail a thousand times, before succeeding at something I despise. 

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