• Thought for food – 6

    Thought for food – 6

    Train the mind to dwell in the fraction of a moment after a conscious experience but before the naming of it. There the ego has yet to form; there salvation from the self can be found.

  • I heard a noise and saw an image

    I heard a noise and saw an image

    The solitary seagull’s single squawk heard through the open bathroom window. I am too far inland for any sea bird to speak through tilted glass. A distorted remembrance of a time yet to come. I see myself there up ahead, as I imagine I was. A strong and confident man. Ten, maybe fifteen years from…

  • Infinite fear

    Fear to fear to fear to fear. If sentences could readily bend, I’d twist that one end to end, To illustrate the following truth: Fear brings fear in an infinite loop. Instead a daily dose of wretched I shall permit – Of living life choked by anxious threat; Of more than words bending end to…

  • Day is night

    In my soul day is light and dark is night, Blind are lies and truth is sight; And in my soul the deepest spite, For a world where right is wrong and wrong is right.

  • Thought for food – 5

    Thought for food – 5

    Laurels are the sled at the mountain’s top. Rest too long your weary legs, and unawares you will find yourself at the bottom looking up.

  • Why glimpse into the ether? – comment

    Why glimpse into the ether? – comment

    In response to a recent query. I thought it worth sharing, as it highlights the motivation behind the seemingly tortuous mission to ‘know thyself’. ‘For me, I not only glimpse into the ether, I spend days, months, years, living within and breathing the ether. If by ether you mean the unknown, the fear and anxiety…

  • This is Water – David Foster Wallace

    This is Water – David Foster Wallace

    Note: this commencement speech was given in 2005. It was recently recommended to me by a close friend. It distills and conveys an approach to living that, in my mind, should guide each of us on our journeys. YouTube audio can be found here. “Greetings parents and congratulations to Kenyon’s graduating class of 2005. There…

  • Only rebellion will prevent an ecological apocalypse

    Only rebellion will prevent an ecological apocalypse

  • Do I know fear?

    Do I know fear? Never been in a war, a burning building. Never heard a gun fire, saw a child die. Never spent the night next to a loved one as she fought for survival. Never slept under a bridge, missed a day without eating. Never been mugged, accosted, molested. Do I know fear? Please…

  • Alone in a world of believers

    Alone in a world of believers

    You are blessed and cursed to have found your meaning in the question of meaning itself. Blessed to be motivated to take a journey of deepest discovery, not only of the universe without, but of the universe within. Cursed to be born in a world of believers, who are constantly and continuously tricked by the…

  • As I lie awake staring at the faint light filtering through the space between the boards in my mind

    Raising head, Lifting eyes from dark, Stepping outward, From underground. Strange hollowness, Echoes in mind, Empty of pretense, Confident in not knowing. Optimism seeking light, Broken long dormancy, Entering the world without, Blinding, suffocating familiarity. Same grey streets; Same concrete buildings; Same managed woods and rectangular fields and forgettable faces on Sunday walks on worn…

  • OCD

    Order born of fear. Claiming the seconds that make up the minutes that make up a life. Doubting, too, these thoughts.

  • Where is HOME?

    Originally posted on A peep into my Memory Palace…: Image Credits: Pexels.com In the fading fragrance of a lone drop of lavender at the edge of the pillow of the love of my life In the tender crook of his wobbly arms In the black corduroy case my fingers sew for his flute In the…

  • Notes – What is consciousness?

    Notes – What is consciousness?

    Immediate thoughts after meditation session: For a brief time I was able to invert the common experience of consciousness being located behind the face and in the middle of the head. I was able to expand the location of consciousness to fill the four walls within which I was seated. I am still pondering this…

  • Conversations with myself – #4

    Conversations with myself – #4

    I’ve resisted writing. There is little new to say. Old terrain, worn terrain. And I annoy myself. And how! But it goes round. This thought. And that. Fueled by fear. Fear itself. Fear of failure. Fear of embarrassment. Fear of weakness. Fear of being seen. Fear of second place, of ridicule, of pain. Fear of…

  • Aphorisms – 5

    Aphorisms – 5

    Should you ever doubt the second law of thermodynamics, release your children in any room in the house and wait longer than one minute.

  • Do You Remember…?

    Originally posted on A peep into my Memory Palace…: ? July 22, 2018, Hyderabad @ 10 PM Dearest mine, Do you remember? The night I opened my eyes to this beautiful world for the very first time in that tiny little clinic in Naughar road. You welcomed me with twinkling eyes and the widest of…

  • Mission statement for 2019

    Mission statement for 2019

    Don’t mistake the crowd for the truth; failing to fit in does not mean you’re broken. Your horizons might extend further than your neighbour’s, your colleague’s, your friend’s; trust in your own eyes, let others trust in theirs. With deference to Hamlet, might I add: there is also nothing either right or wrong, but truth…

  • Question of the Day – No. 266

    An interesting question Wise & Shine In your opinion, why people feel the need to be right all the time? View original post

  • Imagine if you were blind…

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