• Depression

    One life: that’s what they say. So let me twirl, let me play; Dance like mad in the fading light. But I take your shawl and wrap it tight; you shallow sallow sunken friend; my dearest foe; a gray reflection as I go. Mutual distortions, you and I; Reflecting the will to survive. Yet, some…

  • I chased and caught a butterfly

    I chased and caught a butterfly

    I chased and caught a butterfly, Behind glass trapped her, just for me. Her wings lost their colour, (Her beauty began to fade), Until blackened they dropped off, (Her body withered away). I chased and caught a butterfly, Trapped her beauty just for me. But too late I finally realized, That beauty is only beauty,…

  • Be vulnerable

    Be vulnerable

    Let them out, give them reign, let those cleansing tears flow. Let them pass, be not ashamed, let those choking fears go. Let it beat, relieve the pain, let your heart’s true rhythm show. Let the soothing abandon engulf you, make its velvet touch your home. Be cradled, pure and vulnerable, and trust, you are…

  • Let love reign

    Please take these words, and cast them across a crimson sky. Let the whole world read what I have been led to see. There is no pain so great, nor fear too deep, that a breath of pure love cannot ease. Allow love the day to seize. Let love reign, and be free.

  • Lyrics #10 – Nine by Sleeping at Last

    Who am ITo say what any of this means?I have been sleepwalkingSince I was fourteen. Now as I write my songI retrace my stepsHonestly, it’s easierTo let myself forget. Still, I check my vital signsChoked up, I realizeI’ve been less than half myselfFor more than half my life. Wake upFall in love againWage war on…

  • To the one I know but have never met

    To the one I know but have never met

    On nights when stars pierce the dirty panes, And the moon casts shadows in my dark room, With gentle embrace I cradle invisible space, And my velvet heart beats to thoughts of you. The miles between us are meaningless, Crossed instantly on avenues of moonlight.

  • The divine ape

    The divine ape

    There’s a pain that only I may know. If it is common why do I feel so alone? ‘There is more day to dawn. The sun is but a morning star.’ Has this wisdom failed me, or have I chosen not to see? The love of two bound souls…the curves of hips and naked backs…mouths…

  • Infinite fear

    Fear to fear to fear to fear. If sentences could readily bend, I’d twist that one end to end, To illustrate the following truth: Fear brings fear in an infinite loop. Instead a daily dose of wretched I shall permit – Of living life choked by anxious threat; Of more than words bending end to…

  • Day is night

    In my soul day is light and dark is night, Blind are lies and truth is sight; And in my soul the deepest spite, For a world where right is wrong and wrong is right.

  • As I lie awake staring at the faint light filtering through the space between the boards in my mind

    Raising head, Lifting eyes from dark, Stepping outward, From underground. Strange hollowness, Echoes in mind, Empty of pretense, Confident in not knowing. Optimism seeking light, Broken long dormancy, Entering the world without, Blinding, suffocating familiarity. Same grey streets; Same concrete buildings; Same managed woods and rectangular fields and forgettable faces on Sunday walks on worn…

  • OCD

    Order born of fear. Claiming the seconds that make up the minutes that make up a life. Doubting, too, these thoughts.

  • Lyrics #10 – Visitor – Greg MacPherson

    Lyrics #10 – Visitor – Greg MacPherson

    ‘It’s not where you’re at my friend it’s who you are there that really mattersI’m going back to Nova Scotia just as soon as I serve my time’ Check song out here. VisitorThe city sometimes is a backhanded invitationIt’s all just sitting there waiting for a man knows where it’s atBut if you want in…

  • The greatest gift

    The greatest gift

    The greatest gift you can give another is a piece of your deepest self. Not your time. Not your money; but something more precious still. Is it understanding, or compassion, or attention that you offer? Is there a word bringing these together? Love? That piece you offer freely, that is the gift. You offer without…

  • Optimism


    Set me adrift in the blackness, Let me spin aimlessly like a homeless globe, Traversing endless light-years without bearing. Release me to the void. To the black velvety comfort of a lightless horizon. I see. I hear.  Nothing. A selfish bastard denying the world. One final cowardly display of spite. I spit at thee and…

  • The wall

    The wall

    Spent a lifetime talking to that metaphorical wall, Beat my hands and head until they bled. Through streaming tears pleaded desperately,  ‘WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT FROM ME?’ Spent a lifetime talking to that metaphorical wall, Until yesterday, When I chose to listen.

  • Lyrics #9 – Adventures in Zoochosis – Propagandhi

    Lyrics #9 – Adventures in Zoochosis – Propagandhi

    Check song out here. Adventures in Zoochosis I hold out for consensus. Give the masses the benefit of the doubt. Insist the democratic process will bear this population out. I think my only fear of death is that it may not be the end. That we may be eternal beings and must do all of this…

  • The switch

    The switch

    The mind has made a switch, From days inward searching spent, To heed the call of assumed responsibilities, And rejoin the careening wheels of society. The mind has made a switch, And slides sadly into this communal pit.

  • …rhyming Homer with Homer…

    …rhyming Homer with Homer…

    Insight my mind has not brought! Endless loops with doubt fraught! Infinite thoughts pitifully caught! Stagnation has only wrought rot!

  • Lyrics #8 – A Murder of One – Counting Crows

    Lyrics #8 – A Murder of One – Counting Crows

    Check song out here. Blue morning, blue morning Wrapped in strands of fist and bone Curiosity, kitten Doesn’t have to mean you’re on your own You can look outside your window He doesn’t have to know We can talk a while, baby We can take it nice and slow All your life is such a…

  • The war of the obsessed mind

    The war of the obsessed mind

    With my fingernails broken I scratch, Every single hidden crevice and patch, Until I, tediously excavating the last, Finally from this space move past. And yet with doubt constantly plagued, Trapped wild beast mercilessly caged, In my head the war bloodily waged, Inane, insane, engulfed, enraged. Have you yourself lost in loops been? Thoughts’ ends…

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