The spider

The spider. Don’t forget this.

Why did she fall? Physics, of course, but why?

What meaning is there?

Think with your gut; not your head. Make connections in the mundane.

She fell. She was perfect.

I was frightened. As was predicted.

But she cowered, cold and collapsed in the window frame.

She too was afraid.

Through my gut and to my head, images of scared beings, all dark and monstrous.

Images of lost children, forlorn and weeping, wearing black so as not to be seen.

Physics be damned! Here lies an opportunity to expand!

My fear, her fear,

fear and all that’s dark: children lost for love and care.

So to shaking pencil tip she clung,

then eight legs surveying the safety of the sill,

before I closed the window on the darkness of the night.

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