Thought for food – 12

If we insist on outdueling the other, we will eventually find there is nobody left to whom we relate.

A healthy relationship is not a duel of wit or will waged behind defensive walls; but a patient organic blooming of giving, understanding, and compassion.

Through giving we may receive; through understanding we may question; through compassion we may be saved.

Healthy relationships give us comfort for we are vulnerable, strength for we are weak.

The invulnerable and invincible among us are lost and lonely indeed. Not only do they not exist (for who among us are gods?), they are trapped in the illusion they do.

Step out from your defensive walls, and others will follow.

2 responses to “Thought for food – 12”

  1. Matthew! You do realize your words have been coming from a place in your heart that has learnt ACCEPTANCE with grace?

    This post is so beautiful and I relate to every word and more so every pause in between. I have been thinking about you since a few days and this post is proof enough that you are no more the man from the underground. You seem to be illumined by a divine light and I couldnt be happier for you.

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    1. Hi Lalitha! You can see that? I can only hope your words are true.
      How are you? Are you still in Africa? Please tell me a story. I’ve been reading your posts and I want to know more!


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