I walk towards the dancing light

If there is no light, then there is no dark.

I have fallen into the dark; I have become despair, doubt, infinite dread.

The dark says, ‘Turn your back on the light, there is no hope there; the closer you are permitted to come to the light, the further you will inevitably fall. Stay here, on the bottom, for in the end, all is doubt, fear, death, nothingness.’

The dark says the light is but an ideal, one that you can never reach, and thus one that will always fail you.

And I answer: ‘If light is an ideal, then you must be as well. To turn my back on one demands I turn my back on the other. You say it is folly to choose the light for it is an ideal, but then surely it is also folly to choose you.’

And the dark shudders, and spits me from its maw.

In the distance a tiny light flickers.

Caught between two ideals; I walk towards the dancing light.

3 responses to “I walk towards the dancing light”

  1. Enough light to cast a shadow… enough shadow to see there is light.

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    1. Yes! And a good and healthy life might be learning to orient yourself toward the light.

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  2. The plan for the body seems so natural, that, if the body part is hurting, relieve it and avoid a repeat such circumstance, but the relief of the mental parts seems foreign, relief of a suffering consciousness resistant, so the whole system, both physical and mental, suffers. For distress of either sort, seek the easy way, the way lined with over-arching boughs, defined with fragrant flowers, and following a babbling brook with shade and sunny avenues. Come onto the needy with your good example and positive attitude so they might see and be healed, so they might not be stressed even more by your own self-abuse. The old Arab seer refereed to this posture as ‘Being a light onto the world.’

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