Thought for food – 7

Trust is the silent energy fuelling any healthy relationship; you truly appreciate it once it is broken, for the silence is replaced with the screeching deafening noise of its fragmented and metastatic parts, circulating like screaming cancerous tumours through the withering and dying relationship, illustrating with crystal moral clarity the following truth: trust is the relationship and the relationship is trust. You risk it all if you take trust for granted; nurture and cultivate it as dearly and attentively as you would a developing child, for in effect, you will be nurturing and cultivating not only your relationship, guiding its development from birth to maturity, but, as any dedicated and caring parent knows, developing yourself as well.

2 responses to “Thought for food – 7”

  1. Trust and integrity are likely the most valuable assets anyone can have in life. Love is, technically, secondary because it usually takes trust and integrity to allow for love.

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    1. Thanks for your comment. I pondered and discussed this with a friend last night. I really like your addition of integrity to the equation. I understand by integrity the commitment to do the hard work of honest self-evaluation and adhering to one’s principles and values – something which is so easy to ignore.
      Concerning the role of love: I do not ‘know’, but it feels more like a chicken and egg problem. You can’t have love without trust and integrity. But the emotional motivation behind trust (and here I mean honesty to ones self first, before expanding outward to include others) and integrity (the dedication to pursue self-awareness and live by principles and values), is love. You only desire trust and integrity because you have love. A person filled only with hate could care less about these topics. So, isn’t true that love must precede trust and integrity, or is it unsolvable like the chicken and egg? Maybe it is unimportant which comes first, or maybe the idea of one coming before the other is not the right kind of question to ask.
      Thanks so much for your thoughts!

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