The divine ape

There’s a pain that only I may know.

If it is common why do I feel so alone?

‘There is more day to dawn. The sun is but a morning star.’

Has this wisdom failed me, or have I chosen not to see?

The love of two bound souls…the curves of hips and naked backs…mouths agape in mirrored arches of ecstasy.

We are apes, dammit! So how can we seem so divine?

We long desperately for what we cannot have-

and what we have we fail to see.

The divine is all around and deep within-

A fluttering butterfly tracing sinuous curves across the naked sky,

pulls a string in the poet’s heart making melodious melodies of the mundane.

The sun rises as it sets:

Pain and joy; loneliness and companionship; light and dark; ecstasy and agony.

An ape so divine.

One response to “The divine ape”

  1. In the previous post I could see you would be a loathsome being like Trump. You ask ‘Why not?’ In today’s post, an ape for certain. The level of holiness is uncertain. That is what we manufacture. Our predicament from the evolved brain. Between Nothingness and Nothingness, birth and death, we carve a metaphor of meaning, if we cannot have Meaning herself. Yes, a metaphor, no matter who, no matter what. If we must hunger for significance, we must attempt to supply it. The ease of Life is to Believe in it with all our might till Nothingness returns. A painful life is always dwelling on the expediency of our beliefs and not being accepting of that situation. Yet, by Jesus, the rise of Life as science tells it is too grand for me to knock. I would not a moon or Mars forever and ever. Now I hear a crow’s call in the breeze. The high leaves of the maples shake in the blue sky. The sun falls upon their surface, and they convert its energy to a sugar from whence I arose. Hey, glad to be here, today I rejoice, my link in evolution before I disappear. But Life, magnificent Life, if only You, You somewhat disguised, I bid thee well. I bid thee Well.

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