The illusory fortress

I know that. Living to avoid life. Erecting walls of fake concrete. Thick. High. Encompassing the spirit, the mind. I know that. Belief in those fake concrete walls. Belief they are impenetrable. Apparent safety within. Each minute head bowed. Praying, sacrificing, worshiping an illusion.

Within the comfortable confines of illusory fortresses, ego is king. Weakness is lord. Only that which skirts your rotten kernel of fear is permitted entrance. Not only are you the victim, but to protect yourself you have become judge, jury, executioner.

You reign supreme. Alone. Protected. Alive in the dismal darkness of fear and anxiety. Living to avoid life and the blinding rays of light tracing cracks in illusory concrete walls.

2 responses to “The illusory fortress”

  1. I think there might be a fine line between rationalization and delusion. I can only hope that my “walls” are functional more than fictional…

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    1. I probably think so too, though we would need to flesh out what is meant by rationalization. We need walls, I think, and functional ones I would consider sound morals, for example, as well as individual principles that are well developed and thought-out. These would be walls of true concrete, not illusory.
      The illusion comes when we create fictitious walls which are mainly self-serving, and often erected to avoid harsh truths about ourselves or to face our fears. These are the walls I say need to go to live a full and satisfying life.
      Thanks for your comment. I love to hear feedback on these ideas!

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