Blameless organic life

Life is organic; an unfolding web of cause and effect. Free will and the sense of self are illusory, and we all come laden with evolutionary, cultural, and familial baggage. Our neural networks are infinitely nuanced, such that no two people in a population of billions are exactly the same.

Life is staggeringly complex, seemingly irreducible, yet completely free of magic. We are simply blind to most causes. I am who I am, and where I am, right this instant due to an unfolding, organic dance of causal relationships, the majority of which I am ignorant. My ability to learn, to adapt (or not), are threads in the nuanced web of my life. Threads tugged upon, supporting, connecting the baggage of my birth, my personal inheritance and unique development.   

I did not create these threads: they created me.

The same goes for you.

Tell me: where in this picture could we, should we, insert blame?

One response to “Blameless organic life”

  1. The “blame” – if there is any to give or receive – is on us (the individual) due to our actions and reactions to those tugged on threads. I tend to agree with your premise that we are a product of our environment up to a point. Yet I will contend that it is up to us – upon achieving such awareness – to tangle, untangle or weave a fabric from those threads. I don’t subscribe to fate. I believe that certain things that could be “destiny” are based on our own behavior within our given circumstances. I concede that there are many variables (causal relationships?) that we cannot control, or as you said, are not even aware of, but I think that we still have free will.
    Very thought provoking post. Thanks.

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