Thought for food – 4

Each path a life; the worn and barely used alike. The majority of your fellow travellers rarely, if ever, escape their guiding illusions, their paths crisscrossing the world, forming wide corridors and highways of frenzied activity, leading nowhere. They may have tread many more an empty mile than you, but in your stubbornness and reluctance to step off the curb, in your relentless pursuit of self-awareness, you have actually made the longer journey.

6 responses to “Thought for food – 4”

  1. This is just so PERFECT for the likes of us Matthew!

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    1. Thanks. A reminder and message of positivity to the introverts and questioners of the world.

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      1. Reminds me of this part of Byron: There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is rapture on the lonely shore, there is society, where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar….

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      2. A beautiful passage. Thanks for this!


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