Mission statement for 2019

Don’t mistake the crowd for the truth; failing to fit in does not mean you’re broken.

Your horizons might extend further than your neighbour’s, your colleague’s, your friend’s; trust in your own eyes, let others trust in theirs.

With deference to Hamlet, might I add: there is also nothing either right or wrong, but truth to one’s self makes it so.


    1. Hello Lalitha. Thank you. I spent the past weeks revisiting the game of life, did not feel right, and have retreated back underground.
      Look to catching up with you and some other blogs as well!

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  1. How you characterize ‘the crowd’ is your own, no doubt, and unique construction. The coils of belonging have already entwined your soul, as the baby is reliant on its tribe; you are a part of that crowd as seen by all others. The crowd is amorphous, bright and boiling and giving off heat, as the face of the sun is in no part of its being eternally fixed. Oh, god, where would one be without the crowd! And amazingly, each person is so arranged and constructed as to be a defin/ ed piece having a separation zone, that event horizon, from the crowd, our individuality and aloneness, and across that electric zone we each give of ourselves for the lives of others and each takes the required food of life only others can provide. Small pieces, well and active and forward-looking, constitute the dynamism and vigor of the crowd.

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  2. This is so important. Belonging versus fitting in. I just read Brene Brown’s book “Braving the Wilderness” which she goes into this in great detail, about factions we’ve joined to fit in with our ideals, but that what we really need is true belonging, where we can be ourselves, have our own opinions (instead of being told what to believe) and then do our own thing. I fully recommend it!

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