There is little to build upon moving forward when the second time around is the same as the first. 


  1. Is this an up-date on marriage? Second time around can apply to that, but not to life. Could apply to self alone, strictly speaking. In fact it is our self alone we can always rightly consider. My question is also what is to be built. Quite often for most people familiarity is comforting. If tracking an unpleasant and discomfiting orbit in a small or grand radius, best to effect some small nudge to the craft so in time a great change of direction will be achieved and new stars rise in a new heaven.

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  2. It is a statement on the fact that some things never change, even though we assume they will on the second, third, fourth reiteration. Some things stay the same. It is a gentle reminder of this fact; don’t expect different outputs with identical inputs.


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