Echo – (author (un)known)

Climbing rocks into the bowels of sky,

Ahoy! Ahoy, silent sailing voluminous fleets!

Black trees balance here their swirled tops to dizziness,

And I, sweat and dry, clinging the granular Death,

Gripping nails the twisted root,

Achieve a tiny ledge, a respite spot to lie.

Almighty Life! Almighty, Mighty Life! Inside I cry.

I, this immense mountain and sky!

An eagle level in my sight, his emperor screech,

Soars up feathered beast the wind-draft face.

Off below a big valley winds like a snake.

Wide mouth cupped, I hollered, ‘Who am I?’

And came, as from another place, ‘Who am I?’

‘Who am I?’

To somewhere gone, beyond my reach.

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