Justifying anger

Is it possible that if I can find a moral reason supporting my pain and anger I can feel justified in feeling my pain and anger are more real…more valuable…than another’s? Does my pain always take priority? Do I treat those closest to me as my pain receptacles? Do I inflict upon them all my aggression and resentment, treat them as scapegoats? When they all leave, does the whole world become my scapegoat?

Think of the time I get angry, think of the times when you do. Analyze it. Does the anger have a justifiable basis? Or is it simply a result of not getting your way? Not getting what you thought you deserved? Is a show of aggression, both passive and outright, not merely a consequence of friends, lovers, partners, the world, not giving in? Not submitting to your childish demands? For me, what ensues? During and after the anger? A search for justification. A lengthy debate, often, where I try to prove on principle that what angered me was morally wrong. This justifies my anger.

Find a principle, justify anger.


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