Existential malaise

Dissatisfaction with the prescribed ways of living found in every religion, most philosophies, implied by culture, the mores and goals of society, the feeling, often acute, of not fitting into the role you think you are playing, or supposed to play – this is a cause of (or a result of, I am unsure) what I term existential malaise. This malady is akin to depression, general anxiety, but it has a discernible root that one can readily discover upon reflection. As opposed to the often general vagaries of general anxiety and depression, existential malaise, as I understand it, is often felt in those instances where you sense an unbridgeable disconnect between yourself, your views of reality and your ethical bearing, and what you witness around you. I could be wrong. What do you think? Am I just an anxious person finding excuses? Or is there something deeper to these feelings? Is my body really telling me something?

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